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UPDATE- May 25

I realized it has been a full month since I posted an update on here! First thing is first-


My silence has primarily been because I was dealing with graduation, and enjoying the last few weeks in the city. I already miss it a lot, and I’m kind of in the post-graduation funk at the moment. So I apologize for not returning to updating ZP regularly! I’m kinda gathering myself up again. I also need to prepare a Patreon Campaign for it.

I promise I will return to updates, but it may be another bit of a hiatus before updates start again. In the meantime I will be working on merchandise, and a second animated film!

For those who haven’t seen my Thesis film, it is now online! You can watch it here!

TIMBER- SVA Thesis Film from Vivienne Medrano on Vimeo.

It won an award for “Outstanding Character Animation” at this year’s Annual Dusty animation and Film festival.

Thank you so much for being patient, I promise ZP is not dead! But things will be foggy as I look for a job, animate a new film (for fun more relating to zp) and put more effort into pages!

Thank you all!